Southwest Georgetown

Client – Mattamy Homes

Located south of 10 Side Road and west of Trafalgar Road in Georgetown, this project comprises developing 121 hectares with a mix of residential, commercial, institutional and open space uses. The proposal includes approximately 1022 single detached dwellings, 666 street townhouses, 454 back to back townhouses, 260 rear lane townhouses, 3 medium density residential blocks, 3 high density residental blocks, 3 stormwater management ponds, one commercial block, multiple parks and a public elementary school.

Planning approvals include Rezoning | Draft Plan of Subdivision

Client – The Remington Group

Located east of Trafalgar Road and west of Eighth Line, the development site has an area of 39.17 hectares and will feature approximately 305 single detached dwellings, 123 street townhouses, 121 lane-based townhouses, 8 live/work townhouses, one mixed-use block, one high density residential block, one parkette and two stormwater management ponds.

Planning approvals include Rezoning | Draft Plan of Subdivision

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